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About Fem21 UK

How We Got Here

Fem21 was created by Meah Robertson BHSc. Meah is a experienced and amazing Naturopathic Physician! Meah created this product to help women who were experiencing Hormonal Imbalance, like herself before she created Fem21 and it became part of her daily life! Meah had tried the pill, different forms of contraception and her body hated the medication, she then became terribly anxious and depressed. Meah then came off the pill, fell pregnant, then miscarried after just 3 months, she then went on to have two healthy pregnancies and her two beautiful daughters. After both pregnancy's and breast feeding, she was exhausted and had terrible cystic acne, her own words are she felt like a 'hormonal train wreck'! 

Meah has her own clinic on the Gold Coast, where she was helping women daily but just couldn't commit to taking lots of different herbs individually, so that's how Fem21 was born! It took 12 months of trial and error and tweaking to get the formula exactly how Meah wanted it! Meah also wanted it Gluten and Dairy free so it could help every woman! 

Fem21 has been retailed since 2015 and has had incredible feedback from all different women with a whole host of different issues, from PMS, bad period pain, missing periods, anxiety, gut health and much more!

Meah, Founder and Creator of Fem21

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