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You Asked, We Answered

Q: Why can’t I take Fem21 if I’m on the pill or other hormonal contraceptives?

A: It’s not recommended to take Fem21 whilst using synthetic contraceptives as it can increase the excretion and metabolism of toxic as well as synthetic oestrogen.  As Fem21 works to rebalance your hormones and support proper functioning of the ovaries and formation of the endometrial lining, it may decrease the contraceptive effect of the pill, depo, implants (including the vaginal ring and the rod).  If you’re using the pill for other reasons (not for contraception) you can use Fem21 so long as you’re using a barrier method for contraception (i.e condoms or a diaphragm) if you’re sexually active.  Fem21 is safe to use in conjunction with IUD’s (intra uterine devices). It may also be of benefit to have a 3 month break off the pill and have a reset / hormonal cleanse with Fem21, you can then resume the pill when you’re ready.

Q: Is it normal to feel worse before I feel better? Is this a detox?

A: In the first 2 weeks of commencing Fem21 it’s quite normal for your body to go through a detoxification process if needed, to rebalance your health and hormones.  Ideally continue to use Fem21 to see this process of cleansing, detoxification & rebalancing through to the other side. You can adjust your dose to cope better if needed (i.e. reduce to a 1/2 scoop). Your body will be happy & healthy having cleansed the toxic burden that it was previously carrying.  Temporary symptoms may include: changes in bowel frequency, bloating, headaches, fatigue, skin breakouts, fluid retention or nausea.  Remember to rest when necessary, drink plenty of water to flush, and eat clean.  Don’t worry if you don’t experience a detoxification effect, everyone is different.  If you feel you’re experiencing negative side effects from taking Fem21 please stop immediately and discuss with your health care practitioner.

Q: How long until I notice a difference in how I’m feeling?

A: Some women have reported that they feel better within the first week of starting Fem21.  However it’s recommended to stay on Fem21 consistently for a minimum of 3 months to allow for your hormones to rebalance.  After this point you can stay on Fem21 to maintain hormone balance, general health & wellbeing long-term or as needed.

Q: Can I take Fem21 after menopause?

A: Yes, Fem21 can be used throughout menopause and afterwards.  Also if your also using HRT or Bio-Identical hormone replacement Fem21 can help you to transition off these.  After the ovaries stop ovulation and a period ceases women still produce hormones just in lower levels and not cyclicly (oestrogen from stored fat and progesterone from the adrenals).  Hormone metabolism in the liver still needs to be supported along with Adrenal support.  There is no issues with taking Fem21 long term, however listen to your body if you feel ready to stop.


Q: I’m Gluten Sensitive, can I take Fem21?

A: Fem21 contains Wheatgrass which is normally Gluten Free. There is a very small possibility that there could be contamination with Gluten during the harvesting process.  Wheatgrass is derived from the stem & grasses of the sprouted leaves and Gluten is only found in the kernel of the seed. Harvesting Wheatgrass before the seed has had time to form, minimises the chance for contamination of the Wheatgrass with Gluten. It is unlikely that Fem21 would pose an issue for Coeliac or Gluten Sensitive individuals, however testing with a sample of Fem21 is advised.  Please fill out your details to request a sample on our home page.

Q: I’m on Medication can I take Fem21?

A: I would recommend checking with your doctor or health care practitioner to see if it’s safe for you to take Fem21 with your prescribed medication.  Generally the main interaction with Fem21 is with synthetic hormones such as the pill, implanon etc.  Fem21 is safe to use most other medications (i.e. thyroxine, anti-depressants, nexium) however we recommend separating the dose by at least 2 hours.

Q: Can I use Fem21 if I am pregnant?

A:  It’s not recommended for continued use during pregnancy.  However if you're under the care of a practitioner you can use Fem21 up until 12 weeks at a reduced dose of 1/2 scoop / day.   However I generally recommend weaning off during the first trimester.  After 12 weeks of pregnancy it is recommended that you do not use Fem21.

Q: I’ve recently started on Fem21 and now my periods are different and my cycle length has changed, is this normal?

A: Within the first 3 months of commencing Fem21 it’s great to see changes in your cycles & periods, this means your body is sensitive and is responding to the formulation.  This is part of your hormones rebalancing and moving from a place of being out of balance to an optimal level.  This rebalancing can be a bit like a rollercoaster as things are shifting for you.  Temporary symptoms may include spotting, changes in period flow and changes in cycle length. Just ride this process out as the formulation supports your body to better health.  The time frame this takes to get back into a regular cycle & flow with menstruation is different for each individual however it’s recommend to stay on it for a minimum of 3 months. Please discuss any concerns with your health care practitioner.


Q: My skin has broken out in pimples since starting Fem21, why is this?

A:  Skin breakouts can often be a symptom of your body clearing excess toxins & hormonal metabolites.  Especially if you are noticing breakouts around the mouth or along the jawline.  Also blind/deep cystic pimples are hormonally fuelled. As your body cleanses and rebalances your skin will improve however please be patient with this process as it doesn’t happen overnight.  I also recommend for a lot of women with hormonal breakouts to include some Zinc into their regime as this can work with Fem21 for faster results and healing.  If acne is a long term issue please remember it’s what is happening internally as well as your skin care regime which can make the biggest difference.

Q: What does it taste like?

A: Fem21 contains a combination of herbs & greens which are bitter however this is balanced out by some nice tasting ingredients which are sweet like stevia, raspberry, cinnamon, licorice & pomegranate.  If you’d like to try Fem21 for 5 days for $5 please head over the shop or home page.

Q: I feel really bloated/gassy when taking Fem21, why is this?

It’s not unusual to experience this side effect when taking Fem21 as it’s quite high in fibre. You may have some dysbiosis going on which is an imbalance in the microbiome of your gut.  I would suggest trialing a month of high strength probiotics, apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons/250ml) in water and a reduced dose of a ½ scoop of Fem21.  After this month resume a full scoop daily and see how you feel.

If your questions have not been answered here, please contact Meah directly with your question on Instagram or via email, she will be happy to help!

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