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I have always had period pain but as I have gotten older it has become worse. I was at the point that my doctors thought I might have Endometriosis, which as a women in her mid forties, I thought was a bit weird. I accidentally (or was meant to be) found Fem21. I purchased some, I was due for my period 2 weeks after first taking it. That period had less pain than I had had in months. I was sold.  I’ve been on it ever since and just love it my periods are a breeze now I tell every woman who will listen, I sing it from the tree tops lol!

I have had debilitating ‘silent migraines’ for over 20 years but in the last two years I have been experiencing them fortnightly, sometimes weekly. Although I don’t experience migraine pain, when I have a severe one, I literally cannot speak or move – at all, like I am paralyzed. As you can imagine, having them so frequently started to effect all aspects of my life, my independence and my mental health. I went to 5 different ‘specialists’ and tried numerous medications and supplements. Being 53, I wondered if it could be brought on so intensely due to menopause hormone changes so I decided to give fem 21 a go. Couldn’t hurt hey! Well it has been almost 4 months and I have had only 1 episode and no where near as severe. I am so bloody thankful that I found this stuff and have my life back! Thank you so much.

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Fem21.  At the start of my 2nd jar my hot flushes have practically gone.  I feel a slight one come and go each day and that’s it.  The relief of not having these 3-4 times hourly, not sweating the night away and finally sleeping through is indescribable.  Such a blessing of product you have put together.  I will highly recommend it to anyone that has hot flushes and hormonal discomfort. Thank you.

I just want to let you know that I have been drinking Fem21 for over 6 months now and my periods are more regular than they ever have before. I started drinking it after stopping my contraceptives that caused so many problems in my body. My PCOS causes extreme acne, but ever since I’ve been drinking Fem21, my acne has gone down incredibly. I take 1.5 scoops every morning. Thank you for all that it has done for me. Xx

My periods were becoming quite heavy, throbbing pains, I knew I was coming up to Peri-menopause. Fem21 helped so much for my transition, pain reduced, and periods regulated without the heaviness, I’m always recommending your product, I think it’s fantastic, and every woman should give it a try.

I have PCOS & Endometriosis and I have suffered since I was 11 years old with bad periods, heavy and very very painful and everything else that comes with it! I have been taking Fem21 for a year now and it is a complete game changer! I only know my period is due because of my Flo app!! Thats an amazing imrovement, a lot less pain and not as heavy too!

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